Pakistani grooming gangs

Sadistic sexual predators, mostly British citizens of Pakistani origin, have been allowed to groom, rape and ruin hundreds of young girls lives sometimes because of pure negligence, but mostly political correctness, by Council workers, Town and City Councillors, Social services, Police forces and now Government for fear of being accused of  being racist. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!


We know about Rochdale, Bradford, Rotherham, Oldham, Halifax, Nottingham, Telford, Newcastle, Derby, Bristol, Birmingham, Peterborough, Oxford, Telford, Manchester and we know it is still going on in the UK.

Most recent convictions of men from Pakistani communities  Usman Ali, Banaras Hussain, Abdul Majid, Gul Riaz,  Naim Khan, Mohammed Nazir and Raheem Ahmed and two other men jailed  for what the judge called 'vile and wicked' repeated sexual assault and the multiple rape of under-aged white girls.


Operation Bullfinch is not the conclusion of this harrowing story.

There are a lot of men who have escaped justice for now! 

There are a lot of worried males out there hiding in there communities because they know that the police know who they are.

Our Political Correctness  is sacrificing more young white girls to the cause of preserving the failed ideology of multiculturalism.


It is important to understand and accept who was responsible for these vile crimes, particularly if – as the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, warns – these men are still at large.

Its still happening.


Back in 2019 it was estimated that there were at least 73 evil grooming gangs mainly of Pakistani  heritage still horribly abusing under age white girls in the UK. The inability of the Police and other forces to act professionally and speak openly and plainly about the ethnicity of on-street child abusers is a significant factor in why these horrific offences with hundreds of vulnerable girls being traumatised, broken, abused, raped, left unable to get on with their lives going undetected for so long and is a significant factor in it still going on today.


Stop being PC and talk about it.  If these were White grooming gangs abusing underage BAME kids the loony left Momentum lot, David Lammy, Show biz awards idiots, Woke pretenders and Posturing rap stars would rightly be calling for something to be done.

 No one is starting a hashtag or pleading for justice for these Girls. In fact, few celebrities have anything  to say on the subject.  

Why are the twitter self publicists  ignoring these thousands of abused girls. What about  #UsToo  


Guess there are far more fashionable causes for Woke pretenders to get angry about,

  • The continued insistence by the Woke pretenders that the Grenfell tragedy is a race issue.
  • The Colston hall in Bristol.
  • More black and Asian people in tele adds, 80% is not enough.
  • Former equalities watchdog boss Trevor Phillips, one of the most respected men in Britain, in trouble with the loony left for acknowledging the problem concerning Pakistani men grooming children. 

We all know these girls and their families have been let down, sacrificed to political correctness and worryingly there is still little evidence of  Pakistani communities facing up to and confronting the problem.

Why are British Pakistani woman not confronting the problem of the grooming and sexual exploitation of young white girls.

The status of women in Pakistan is one of systemic gender subordination,  many religious groups in Pakistan advocate subordination of women.  Rampant domestic abuse and a high rate of child marriages and forced marriages still remain.

Women have held high offices including that of the Prime Minister, but despite this, more than  half of Pakistani women lack even a basic education with most women in Pakistan confined to their homes to do housework and  kept out of decision making.


The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan dictates equal rights for men and women. However the reality shows women in lower status than men in every sphere of life whether it’s education, food, health care or freedom of choice of partner, reflecting the centuries old patriarchy deeply rooted in  Pakistani culture.

This could be the reason British Pakistani woman are afraid to confront the problem.

Why are grooming gangs mostly British citizens of Pakistani origin? 

Some Pakistani men see white women as 'fair game', says Baroness Warsi

A small minority of Pakistani men see white women as "third-class citizens" and "fair game", according to Baroness Warsi. 


Most of the answers lie in the culture back in Pakistan, the status of  women and the ‘right’ to perpetuate child marriageAccording to a World Health Organisation report, 21% of girls in Pakistan are married off before they turn 18.

The Pakistani Senate passed an amendment to the law on April 29 2019, which proposes setting the legal age of marriage of both boys and girls at 18. However, the amendment also needs to be adopted by the lower house of Parliament, which is the National Assembly of Pakistan, in order to become law.

Whether the National Assembly of Pakistan will vote the amendment into law or not has yet to be seen.


Nonetheless, the amendment has sparked public debate on the issue of child marriage, with reactionary forces arguing that it would be un-Islamic to set an age for marriage and that no law that is against Shariah can be passed, since Pakistan is an Islamic republic.


Wanting a young bride or young conquest is a common desire among men, for the chances of a young bride being a virgin and sexually inexperienced are higher.

Consummation of a marriage is already considered by men a feat to be achieved. The value of this feat increases when a man has the power to ‘score’ a child bride.


Only last year the police arrested a 40-year-old for his attempt to marry a 10-year-old girl. Police raided the venue just after nikah when the child bride was about to be sent away with the man.

According to the man, he paid around 1350 British pounds to the father of the child. Police are looking for the marriage officiator and the child’s father, who have absconded.

This case, which is not the first and wont be the last, shows how child marriage is a privilege enjoyed by those who can exercise power against the lower classes.


In Britain the vulnerable, underage young white girls mostly from care homes are seen as a "score"


How do we stop it happening in Great Britain, our country?

Stricter enforcement of our laws and zero political correctness would have stopped the abuse before it ruined so many young girls lives, But laws alone cannot undo the patriarchal mindset that makes men think of women as objects designed for their pleasure alone, having no agency of their own.


Alongside laws, we need educational campaigns on the need to eradicate child marriage that must be mandatory for all citizens to attend. These campaigns should be designed around imparting a basic understanding of female agency and consent, and should be run by and remain under the control of women’s’ organisations in cooperation with teachers, students and medical experts.



Christian concern article

The latest statistics of convictions for grooming gang offenses show that 335/394 convicts have Muslim names. This means that 85% of the convicts are from Muslim heritage and most likely self-identify as Muslim. Given that Muslims are only 5% of the population, this means that a Muslim man is over 100 times more likely to be convicted of a grooming offence than a non-Muslim man.

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