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Chinese eating Bat soup
eating bat soup

Why do Chinese people eat illegally trafficked wild animals, drink Tiger wine 

and spread the China virus to the rest of the world?


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Why are  grooming gangs  mostly made up of people of Pakistani heritage.

Why did Labour MP David Lammy condemn “Sajid Javid for noting the perpetrators’ ethnicity.


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Whistleblowing Wuhan doctor that slammed Chinese Hospital Chiefs cover up of the coronavirus mysteriously disappears
Wuhan doctor mysteriously disappears

Could the spread of Chinese coronavirus to the rest of the world have been stopped? If the Communist party had not tried to cover up. 

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Chinese still selling and eating bats
still selling and eating bats

On March 28th Chinese markets were still selling bats and slaughtering dogs and cats on blood-soaked floors as the Chinese Regime celebrates 'victory' over the virus.

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WHO skipping to Xi
WHO's skipping to Xi's tune

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the director general of WHO The World Health Organisation should stop pussy footing  around  China's Communist leader Xi Jinping 

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 It's still happening!             faircop's Daily update

  • Wuhan doctor (pic top) who critised Chinese Hospital Chiefs cover up of the coronavirus mysteriously disappears.
  • 6th April. The UK's chief of Covid 19 testing has revealed that none of the antibody kits bought from China are good enough to use. 
  • WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus director general faces calls to resign for 'allowing China to cover up true impact of coronavirus' '
  • President Trump has frozen funding to the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for creeping around Communist leader Xi Jinping and covering up and mismanaging the spread of coronavirus from China to the rest of us.
  • Chinese communist regime are segregating black people. Our Woke friends are keeping quiet, WHY?
  • My friend in China ( I can't name her or she will mysteriously disappear)  says that from what she sees, the deliveries of thousands' of erns,  the death rate from the virus  is at least ten times higher than the communist regime is telling us.

We know where the virus came from and we won't forget it.


 On A lighter note

Middle-class climate change activists/campaigners/pests say there is not enough diversity at climate change protests.

Serayna Solanki worries that climate pests tend to be largely white and middle-class and says that has to change.

Faircop has no comment, except to say that maybe it's only the white middle-class that can afford to join "Rent-a-crowd", skive off work! and turn into pests  for a few days. 


Glued and weird woman
Glued and weird

Why are Black kids stabbing Black kids ?

David Lammy 

said that absent fathers may be a big part of the problem.

Why are most serial killers in UK  White men

These  articles are in the process of being investigated and will be published soon